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Support the Respondent.
You can.

For the Respondent

If someone (the respondent) confides in you that they’ve been accused of sexual violence, relationship violence or stalking, knowing what to do next can be hard. Feeling emotionally conflicted and confused about how to respond is natural. If someone accused turns to you for help, know that listening and referring them to support resources is an important way to show support.

Listen actively and without judgment. Listening isn’t condoning what may or may not have happened. You don’t need to take sides or even express your opinion at all. Just listen.

Get Educated
Getting educated about sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking can help you sort out your own feelings as well as better support your friend.

Suggest On Campus Resources & Counseling
Encourage your friend to consult with UConn professionals on campus available to help any student or employee accused of sexual assault.

Dean of Students Office
The Dean of Students Office is available to offer support to all students.
Office hours 8:00am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday
Wilbur Cross Building, Rm. 203
Phone: 860-486-3426

Office of Institutional Equity
Office hours 8:00am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday
Wood Hall – Room 102
Phone: 860-486-2943

Support Yourself
Remember that you cannot effectively support anyone unless you take care of your own emotional, physical and mental health. Supporting someone who is dealing with sexual assault allegations can be confusing and emotionally draining. Most of the resources available to your friend are available to you too.

Student Health and Wellness
Medical Care (Confidential)
860-486-4700 (24 Hours)
Student Health and Wellness
Mental Health (Confidential)
860-486-4705 (24 Hours)
UConn Police
860-486-4800 (24 Hours)
Office of Institutional Equity
Office of Community Standards